Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crispin Cider introduces Browns Lane Classic Dry English Cider

True Brit

The Crispin Cider Company Cider introduces another thoroughbred hard apple cider to the US market. Crispin  Browns Lane, a deliciously dry, imported classic English Cider. .

Get's your taste buds racing.

Authentically British; from it's bespoke British Racing Green tailoring, to its superb craftsmanship, most defined by its World Champion racing spirit. A homage to the great British motor racing heritage, embodied in classic  Jaguar, Bentley, Aston-Martin, Lotus and the legendary drivers like Hill, Stewart, Moss Surtees and Clark. A tradition that continues today in Formula 1 and Cart racing.  The cider is named after the historic Jaguar factory in Coventry, England.

A Bittersweet Symphony

100% pressed, fermented and produced in England. It is a lightly sparkling, crisply effervescent cider made with traditional English bittersweet cider apples sourced in the Malvern Hills of Worcestershire.

Dark straw in appearance, with a semi-brilliant richness, the slight berattanomyces aroma lends to an almost traditional farmhouse cider bouquet. Soft, subtle natural apple sweetness up front, brett & tannins mid-palate move in to a slightly woody dry lingering finish.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

French Canadian Punch

  • 750ml Crispin Cider Brut
  • 500 ml orange juice
  • 500 ml cranberry juice
  • 250ml lemon juice
  • 125ml apple brandy or similar
  • 2 teaspoons sugar to taste
  • 1 orange sliced 
  • 1 lemon sliced 
Blend the ingredients all together in a large mixing bowl or jug, and serve with ice cubes.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heavytable Crispin Cocktail Contest

NAME: Old Crispin (homage to the "Old Cuban" created by Audrey
Saunders at the Pegu Club, NY)

2 ounces Crispin Brut
1.5 oz amber rum (I used Mount Gay Eclipse)
1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
1 oz simple syrup (1:1 ratio sugar to water)
6 mint leaves
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
lime twist (garnish)
mint sprig (garnish)

Place six mint leaves in a shaker with the lime juice and GENTLY
muddle—no need to grind the mint—just turn the weight of the muddler
on them for a moment to release the mint oils. Add the simple syrup,
rum and 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters.

Add ice and shake until chilled. Double-strain into a chilled cocktail
glass. Top with cold Crispin Brut.

 Home Sweet Home Punch

This boozy fruit punch is a nod to the local ingredients of my native

homeland of Japan and my adopted and current hometown, Minneapolis.  I
grew up in the middle of residential Tokyo where a number of neighbors
lived in traditional homes with garden plots.  My mom, though she
lives in a different Tokyo neighborhood now, always makes a point of
buying produce from our neighbors.  Something that I think about in my ingredients.

1 cup umeshu (Japanese plum wine)
3 cups diced local and seasonal fruit *
2 bottles Crispin brut
juice of 1/2 lime
mint leaves for garnish
Macerate diced fruit and umeshu overnight in the fridge.
Add a handful of ice to a pitcher. Add the fruit-umeshu mixture follow
by 2 bottles of Crispin brut.  Squeeze in the juice of 1/2 lime.
Add mint to a glass, pour in punch.
*use what's seasonal and ripe!  for the purposes of this recipe I used:
1 c raspberries, whole, from my CSA, Dunlooken Farm -
1/2 c Haralson apples from Havlicek's orchard
1/2 c diced wild plums from the CSA, black plums from Davidson's Farm,
and red plums from Sweetland Orchard  -
the non-CSA ingredients came from Kingfield Farmers Market -
other photos
ingredients -
punch in glasses -


4oz Crispin Original
1oz Pama Pomegranate liqueur
Orange peel and Cherry garnish.

Pour chilled Crispin into cocktail class. Sink Pama Liqueur to the
bottom of the glass. Garnish with a circle or star of Orange peel
(removing as much of the pith as possible) and a Cherry.
Submitted by: Aaron Albee


In a 2-quart mason jar, mix:
4 oz. freshly peeled and grated ginger
4 cups vodka
1 tiny piece of a cinnamon stick

Seal tightly and let steep in a dry, dark place for 4 weeks, shaking
occasionally. Strain through coffee filters to remove solids into
another 2-quart mason jar.  On the stove, boil 1 cup water with 1 cup
honey. Let cool, then strain through coffee filters into the container
with the ginger infusion.  Now you have a delightful ginger-honey

To make the Toasty Apple cocktail: Pour 2oz of the liqueur into a
highball glass filled with ice. Top up with Crispin Brut Natural Hard
Apple Cider (This is important!  No other hard apple cider will do!),
stir.  Garnish with a smile!
Submitted by: Christina Rodriguez

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crispin Melon Soup

*1 cantaloupe melon, cubed
1 lime, zest and juice
1 cup Crispin Cider
4 slices Proscuitto de Parma, diced or in strips

Zest lime and set aside. Put melon cubes in blender with lime juice. Purée
and add Crispin until it gets to the consistency that you want. Chill.
To serve, pour into bowls top with lime zest and prosciutto (strips look
pretty but diced proscuitto is easier to eat) and serve.

*the soup will only be as good as the melon so choose a ripe melon. If it is
a little bland you could use limeade concentrate to sweeten and add a little
Recipe from: Summer Cooking with Kathleen Roberts

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crispin Cider Wins Gold

Crispin Cider Enters California  with 2010 State Fair Gold Medal

California dreamin’. The Crispin Cider Company (Crispin) enters the California markets in June with the credentials of winning several medals, including a first place Gold medal, at the 2010 California State Fair.

“As a cider company built on the philosophy of super-premium, crisp hard cider made from fresh pressed apple-juice, using premium US West Coast apples, not from concentrate, these awards are a nice validation of our focus on super-premium quality and delicious cider refreshment.” says Joe Heron, President & CEO of Crispin.

2010 California State Fair: Commercial Craft Brew Competition
Open to licensed California brewers & cideries selling on a retail level and wishing to compete in several different categories as specified by the Beer Judge Certification Program Style Guidelines.

·      Gold Medal, 1’st place. Crispin Light.  The only Light cider available in the US, a new bright, floral update by Crispin Head Cidermaker, Bruce Nissen.
·      Gold Medal, 2’nd place. Crispin Honey Crisp.
·      Silver Medal, 3’rd place. Crispin Original.
·      Silver Medal, Honorable Mention. Crispin Brut.

The Crispin Cider Company’s fruit cider brand Fox Barrel, also enjoyed more success and continued it’s run of distinction, and has now been awarded gold medals at the California State Fair for 5 consecutive years.

·      Gold medal, 1’st place in the Mead/Other Ciders category.
Fox Barrel Mulled Cider. BEST OF SHOW, Honorable Mention.

“Our mission is to help reinvigorate and reinvent the US cider market, making superior ciders, across classic and unique new world styles. We are innovative to the core, and it’s gratifying to achieve this recognition, and we thank the judges for the awards. And we look forward to entering again next year and earning the kudos and respect of the panel.” said Head Cidermaker, Bruce Nissen.  

About the Crispin Cider Company

The company is based in Minneapolis, MN & Colfax CA. It’s cidery is located in Colfax, CA in the beautiful Sierra foothills of Northern California.

The company produces classic European-style Natural Hard Apple Ciders in Original, Light and Brut varietals, as well as unfiltered “cloudy” Artisanal Reserve ciders – Honey Crisp and The Saint.

The company also produces the Fox Barrel line of superior flavored ciders – Pear, Black Currant.

Contact Details

Tel: (612) 331-3699
Fax: (612) 331-3689

Phoenix Celiacs,

Phoenix Celiacs,

Hell freezes over. Welcome to the new ice age - delicious, ice cold gluten-free natural hard cider refreshment now available in Arizona.

Crispin; Super-Premium, Natural Hard Apple Cider. Serve over a glass of fresh ice and experience crisp, clean, pure refreshment.

Fox Barrel; ciders are considered the United States' most decorated hard fruit ciders.

Classically refined, but not styled as a traditional "sweet beer" beer alternative, Crispin and Fox Barrel ciders are crisp and clean, not sweet and sticky and never sacrifice superior quality refreshment satisfaction for overbearing complexity.

Crispin and Fox Barrel Hard Ciders are naturally fermented using fresh pressed apple juice, never from apple juice concentrate, from a premium blend of US West Coast apples, with no added malt, grape wine or spirit alcohol. Our unique flavors are smoothed with pure apple juice or pure fruit juices or from natural sugar sources like oragnic honey or organic maple syrup, and contain no added colorants, sorbate or benzoate preservatives and are filtered cold for crisp refreshment.

Crispin and Fox Barrel ciders are all Gluten Free for the wheat-intolerant person.


(Phoenix Metropolitan Distributor - Crescent Crown) (Flagstaff Distributor - Nackard) (Tucson Distributor - Finley)

Crispin Original: 5.0% ABV. Crisp over ice.

A classically styled, but untraditional hard apple cider. Fruit forward, with a fresh, crunchy appley nose and a  deliciously creamy, refreshingly crisp mouth feel.

Crispin Brut: 5.5 % ABV. European-style extra-dry over ice.

The "champagne" of ciders; combining subtlety and sophistication; the epitome of unforced elegance. A crisp fresh apple bouquet with a brisk, refined finish that lingers on the palate.

Crispin Light: 3.2% ABV. Bright over ice. 

America's first light cider. Refreshingly light. Invigorating and full-flavored. Often served with a lemon slice for a long cold spritzer-style refreshment.

Crispin Honey Crisp - Artisanal Reserve Cloudy Hard Cider. 6.5% ABV. Smooth over ice.

Small batch, hand crafted, super-premium unfiltered hard apple cider smoothed with real organic honey for a rich, creamy, full-bodied crisp taste, and an authentic cidery aroma.

Crispin The Saint  - Artisanal Reserve Cloudy Hard Cider. 6.9% ABV. Elevated over ice. 

Fermented with Belgian Trappist beer yeasts, The Saint boasts a sweet floral bouquet that develops a yeasty, herbal complexity. Smoothed with pure organic maple syrup for a silky, sustained mouth-feel that develops complexity on the palate.

Fox Barrel Pear. 4.5% ABV
Delicately balanced with an immense floral bouquet, one could almost be biting in to a fresh juicy pear.

Fox Barrel Black Currant. 5.5% ABV
A traditional English cider flavor, brought to you as a crisp, not sweet, dry cider.

Questions? Have a great place you think Crispin or Fox Barrel should be in? Write or call me - I'd be happy to help! THANKS