Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easy Peeler Apple Discovery

APRIL 01, 2010

Crispin Cider Company Funds Breakthrough "Easy Peeler" Apple Discovery

Who says you can't compare apples and oranges?

Thanks to a fruitful partnership with the Crispin Cider Company agricultural geneticists at the University of Minnesota major have made a major pomological scientific breakthrough and spliced specific DNA from the "Easy Peeler" orange with the Honeycrisp apple to make for a delicious and easy to eat apple varietal the "Garrison Peeler".

The scientific breakthrough was sponsored and funded by the Crispin Cider Company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, with it's cidery in Colfax, CA.

"Many people told us that they wished for an easier to eat apple varietal, something that combined that easy peeling nature of an orange with the crisp, crunchy bite of an apple,” says Joe Heron, President & CEO of the Crispin Cider Company. "The scientists at the University of Minnesota clearly achieved a solution to this core problem, but even went a step further with an apple that also segments just like an orange".

It seems that other hard cider companies will be singing the Tishomingo Blues, as for the first time an apple has been developed that not only is truly delicious to eat, but also has the acid & tannins that make for crisp, refreshing hard apple cider, a task that has "eluded pomoligists and fermentation experts for centuries," says eminent scientist Professor Timothy Alevizos of the Greek International University of Minnesota. Crispin will hold the exclusive lifetime rights to hard apple cider produced with this prairie apple companion.

Such was the importance of keeping the studies completely confidential, that on a dark night in a laboratory that knows how to keep its secrets, Project Wobegon was born in downtown St Paul, close to the Mississippi River.

About the Crispin Cider Company
The Crispin Cider Company also produces European-style Natural Hard Apple Ciders in Original, Light and Brut varietals, as well as unfiltered Artisanal Reserves – Honey Crisp and The Saint. The company’s portfolio also includes award winning Fox Barrel line of superior fruit flavored craft ciders – Pear and  Black Currant. The company is based in Minneapolis, MN & Colfax CA.   HYPERLINK "" &

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